Creative services tailored for utilities.

Corepoint Marketing Alliance (CMA) combines extensive utility industry experience with the expertise of creative firms to support your marketing and communications needs.

Utility ExpertisE

Extensive utility experience in customer rates and programs, customer experience, journey mapping, customer operations, and related regulatory requirements and compliance.

Creative Resources

Our creative professionals possess a sound blend of design, creative, and communications experience to bring your message to life and build meaningful connections with customers.


Agile project teams and professionals generate expeditious results driving increased customer awareness and engagement to support business goals and objectives.


Creative professionals and consultants with extensive utility experience.

Corepoint Marketing Alliance (CMA) combines Corepoint’s extensive work at utilities with the expertise of local marketing firms to support marketing, advertising, and UX services. CMA professionals have developed content for Honda, Port of San Diego, Pioneer Electronics, Toyota, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Pasadena Water and Power, Lyft, Chevrolet, and Red Bull. CMA offers a unique value proposition by delivering a cost-effective approach that leverages our combined utility expertise and creative content development experience.

What Sets Us Apart

A unique blend of utility and creative benefits.

Creative agencies are not equipped or experienced with applying regulatory decisions/guidance as a primary input into Marketing, Education, and Outreach plans. It’s just not in their wheelhouse. They are focused on designs, colors, fonts, and presentation-but someone also needs to be focused on the nuances, and compliance aspects of what needs to be communicated. How much time do your managers, senior managers, and others spend educating and re-educating agencies on regulatory decisions/guidance impacting marketing and advertising? The answer is probably “Too much.” However, CMA provides an alternative. 

CMA’s unique expertise will allow your company and its professionals to save time & money by minimizing the agency learning curve. Your company will receive the benefits of both a management consulting partner with extensive industry experience combined with the benefits of experienced creative agency and creative contact personnel, realizing:

  • Reduced company time and efforts on educating
    agencies on utility rates and pricing

  • Reduced cycle time for creative content development

  • Cost-completive rates

  • Extensive agency experience in marketing/advertising
    services offered

  • Extensive agency experience with a broad range of
    industries and clients

Our Partners

Strategic marketing alliance to drive results.

Corepoint Marketing Alliance is a partnership of Southern California-based firms with unique and complementary experience and skill sets that have come together to provide marketing services to the utility industry.

Corepoint 1, Inc.

Corepoint 1 was established in 2006 to provide management consulting services for the Utility industry. Our objective was to combine broad management consulting expertise with deep industry experience. In the ensuing years, we have delivered dozens of successful engagements. We work closely with our clients to accomplish their most critical business objectives. We earn their trust and develop strong relationships.

We take ownership of their problems and we seek out the right answers. We treat everyone with respect and we collaborate. We work hard and we deliver results.

Our client engagements are led by professionals with deep industry experience from top consulting firms including Arthur Andersen, BearingPoint and Deloitte Consulting.

Clockwork Media

Founded in 2010, Clockwork Media is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary content agency and production company with deep experience in print advertising, editorial, TV broadcast, photography, live event design, social media, online video, and digital content production.

Having come from some of the largest national media outlets and advertising agencies, the Clockwork Media team has won eight Telly Bronze awards and one Telly Silver award for broadcast commercials as well as a W3 Awards Silver for its LAPD SWAT documentary film, The Operator. Clockwork Media’s team of producers, designers, graphic artists, cinematographers, digital gurus, and project managers have created full marketing campaigns, national primetime TV ads, digital content, live event designs, print promos, local PSAs, and social media accounts for both Fortune 500 companies and local agencies alike.

The ID Agency

The ID Agency was formed by a diverse group of individuals with a shared ambition for genuine, creative storytelling. Hailing from various professional backgrounds and raised in eclectic sub-cultures, the ID team holds a vast knowledge of communications and marketing practices while also understanding and appealing to the various cultural influences that affect today’s market.

Our associates’ extensive experience in digital and traditional marketing, branding, PR, social media, photography and video production as well as street-tested guerrilla tactics lends to the development of our clients’ unique narratives. We communicate these through inspiring creative, crafted messaging and coveted brand partnerships.

The Glue

Founded in 2013, The Glue is a woman-owned full-service agency based in Los Angeles specializing in rich meaningful experiences and simple, beautiful design. We are a CUCP (California Unified Certification Program) certified SBE and DBE.

Our experience covers a breadth of digital projects, from complete digital product design and development, responsive sites, iOS and Android applications with companion sites as well as branding, original video, photography and copy production.

We have a special expertise in re-imagining internal productivity tools, taking them from dry and cumbersome, to intuitive feature-rich experiences that delight employees while increasing productivity.

27 Engines

27 Engines is a full-service marketing agency made up of talented creators and martech experts, delivering cutting edge marketing that is scalable and cost effective. We leverage our extensive experience and authentic relationships to elevate brand awareness, increase leads and most importantly, drive sales.

We’re led by a two-woman team that has extensive experience working in media and leading marketing departments for multi-billion-dollar, global corporations. We’ve not merely gotten a behind-the-scenes look at how media and marketing work, we’ve lived it. We understand the pressures you face and are here to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities, whether you’re an established or emerging company.


Agile project teams with deep utility industry experience.


Creative content, including graphic designs, copywriting, and editing.


Capitalize on business opportunity with a harmonized strategy.

Video Production

Powerful visual storytelling to increase engagement.

UX/UI Design

Delivering world-class customer experiences with Design Thinking.


Business insights to drive strategic decision-making.


Experience with requirement decisions and nuances that drive marketing and creative activities.


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